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Fencing Registration Form

Four Corners Fencing Club Individual Liability Waiver

This waiver of liability must be signed or membership in the Four Corners Fencing Club will not be allowed.

I am not aware of any injury, illness, or other health related issues that would restrict or limit me or my child’s (if signed by parent or guardian) ability to participate in competitive fencing.  I understand and appreciate that participation in a sport carries a risk of injury.  I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept, and assume risk and release the owners, advisers, volunteers, members, employees, and coaches of the Four Corners Fencing Club from any liability.  I accept that any medical costs incurred due to injury sustained while fencing or other activities at Four Corners Fencing Club are my own responsibility.  I understand that although some accidents may not be preventable, that my risk of injury can be reduced by wearing the appropriate safety equipment and by following the rules of the sport.  I therefore will wear the proper safety equipment (including but not limited to:  mask, glove, jacket, fencing pants and underarm protector) and that I shall regularly inspect the equipment for damage and that I shall use only equipment that passes these regular safety inspections.

Please be patient after hitting "Register Now" as it will take you to a payment process for the registration fee.

We are currently working on issues with PayPal.  If your payment does not process, you can contact us to arrange alternative method of payment.

Thanks for registering!

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