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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can learn to fence at Four Corners Fencing Club?

    • Almost anyone.  If you have to the ability to hold a weapon, you can come and learn.  We accept all ages, children to seniors, provided you have the strength to manipulate the blade, which is why we suggest a lower limit of 10 years old.

  • Does the club provide gear?​

    • Yes, we have a good selection of gear for new fencers to use.​

  • How much do lessons cost?​

    • ​An introductory lesson is free.  We periodically provide beginner courses for a minimal fee.  Contact us for current class schedule.

  • Who can I bring with me to class?

    • You can bring anyone, including friends and family to learn or just watch.​

  • What should I wear?​

    • If you are a new fencer, wear athletic shoes (court shoes if you have them), long stretchable pants, and a t-shirt.​

  • Is it safe?​

    • Yes.  Fencing is relatively safe, especially for a combat sport.  The equipment is designed to be safe.  ​Of course, you may suffer the occassional bruise or sports injuries common to all athletic sports, but serious injuries are a rare occurrence.

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