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Club Rules

The following rules are intended to make our club a safe, civil, and professional place to learn the sport of fencing.


  • No fencing without a mask, glove, and jacket.

  • Do not offer a weapon to a visitor without having asked an instructor’s permission.

  • Beginner fencers may not freely fence until an instructor grants that privilege.

  • If an opponent is becoming angry, stop fencing immediately.



  • Pay full attention during instruction, drills, and bouts; no talking or antics.  Raise your hand if you have a question.

  • Do not use any fencing equipment belonging to others without permission.

  • No cursing, swearing, obscene or indiscrete language.

  • Do not mock, display disapproval of, or disturb anyone.

  • When entering the salle, greet the instructors and those present.

  • Before leaving, return all club equipment to its proper place.


  • Respect your opponent and treat them as you would like to be treated.

  • When fencing, acknowledge each touch received.

  • Do not claim a touch if your opponent denies it.

  • No overly aggressive fencing.

  • When there is a significant skill level difference, the more experienced fencer should adjust their fencing to encourage less experienced fencers.

  • Respect directors and instructors; do not argue with their judgements.

  • Be humble in your victories; accept losses with dignity.


  • Before fencing or a lesson, salute your opponent or coach, the director, and spectators (if present).

  • After fencing or a lesson, shake hands with your opponent or coach using your non-gloved hand.

  • Salute your opponent during a bout if you reach La Belle.

  • Do not give advice to a fencer without an instructor’s permission.

  • When holding a weapon, do not allow the tip to touch the ground.

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